Soft, biomorphic forms coexist with hard edged geometry. Grotesque textures appear disgusting at first glance, but friendly colors like pastels and neons extend an invitation to approach. Amalgamations of disparate materials confuse and stimulate the senses. The discord present in the work mirrors the tension of navigating strict, predictable systems, while inhabiting a fleshy, malleable body. Repulsive, yet enticing. Absurd, and cute. Familiar, but confusing. The concoction of elements makes for a perplexingly awkward experience.

Pure obsession with tangibility meets with an incessant desire to visualize the weird sensations of being alive. Nonsensical sculptures vaguely imitate aspects of ourselves, and humorously point out how silly operating a body within space actually feels. However whimsical or kooky these forms may be, they boldly claim the space they deserve.  


Madelaine Jo (b. 1997) is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on sculptural and dimensional processes. The artist takes an absurd, humorous, and playful approach to object making. Her practice is rooted in the inquiry of tactility, materiality, and biomorphism.

Madelaine received a BFA in Fine Arts from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 2020. Her work has been included in several exhibitions in galleries and institutions throughout Denver, Colorado, including Redline, Recreative, Juicebox, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Land Yacht, and Taxi AIR. Madelaine currently lives. works, and creates in Denver, Colorado.

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